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Trenna Learns to Knit

A tale of trials, tribulations, tears, and hopefully success!

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The Last Knit

Directed by Laura Neuvonen 
Country Finland 
Year of Production 2005 
Running Time 7 minutes

Fun little short film that one of the women in the crafter’s circle I go to shared with us. 

I’m making the flap and just stuffed the bag with paper to see how long I’ll need it.

I’m ready to bind off 3 sides of the bag and make the flap! I’ve been working on this project since December, so I’m getting really excited!

Knit 1 Purl 1 ribbing

One more section and I’m ready to bind off the front and the sides before I make the flap to close the bag.

Pretty much all has been quiet on the knitting front because I am in the midst of packing for a move in a week and a half. I did finish the scarf though, a while back when I went to my parents’ place for a couple days. I will add pics later. They’re on my phone or my tablet. Not sure which right now. 

It ended up being being just over 5 and a half feet long, and put pockets on the garter stitched ends. 

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Know your wool


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I just bought this book. It looks like a pretty great and thorough guide when I flipped through it at the book store. 

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The #green and #yellow or the green and green. #knitting #colour #colors #dilemma

Now to decide whether I want to take out the last 36 rows because I prefer this colour contrast to the previous one…